Friday, March 31, 2017

April goals and just checking in

Okay, so not doing great at blogging oh well. This is for me so I post when I feel like it.

March stuff

So these were my goals for March

Goal #1 - Big focus - me and my binge eating. Huge problems there and when this gets out of control everything else goes with it. When I'm stressed or super tired I eat. So setting a goal for no binge eating for the month. Scheduled cheat days 4 for the month, but I really would like to see none of them turn into binges.

Goal #2 - Push ups, leg raises, and squats - 1000 for the month. Bring it! I am SURE I can make this goal.

Goal #3 - 100 miles or better. Setting this one a little lower. I need to have some successes and damn it March is going to be a good month.

I met one goal and almost met another. I hit 100 miles for the month and ate healthy for the most part 25 days out of the month. I had a 5 day stretch where I completely came unglued at the beginning of the month and almost said screw it all. I pulled myself back together. I really didn't lose much weight this month though which kind of surprised me, but it's all good. Keeping focused on my goals.

So here's the final tallies for March.

March miles - 100
Push ups - 764
Leg raises - 764
Squats - 764
Diet - 25 days were on track

April Goals

Setting the bar higher! If I want to get back in marathon shape and I do I need to do better. Even though I hit 100 miles this month, I only ran 19 days.

I don't want to go too crazy so baby stepping these goals.

Goal #1 - 110 miles or better with at least 22 days of running. At least 2 long runs of 10 miles or better, 2 hill workouts, and 2 speed workouts (or 5Ks).

Goal #2 - Push ups, leg raises, and squats - 1000 for the month. Trying again for this one.

Goal #3 - Diet staying with the same except giving myself 5 days that I can blow it. I've been doing better with this.

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