Friday, March 3, 2017

New month, new goals, March is in like a lion!

Okay, so February was a wash. Didn't meet a single one of my goals. Moving forward. Sometimes you just gotta keep on tweaking those goals and plans until you find something that works. I still think I can meet the goals I set for the year (except maybe the weight workouts because it's just not that important to me).

February miles - 83
Push ups - 740
Leg raises - 740
Squats - 770
Weights - 1
Diet - 16 days were on track

Goals for March 

Goal #1 - Big focus - me and my binge eating. Huge problems there and when this gets out of control everything else goes with it. When I'm stressed or super tired I eat. So setting a goal for no binge eating for the month. Scheduled cheat days 4 for the month, but I really would like to see none of them turn into binges.

Goal #2 - Push ups, leg raises, and squats - 1000 for the month. Bring it! I am SURE I can make this goal.

Goal #3 - 100 miles or better. Setting this one a little lower. I need to have some successes and damn it March is going to be a good month.

Now, I'm also switching things up and setting weekly goals and giving myself rewards at the end of the week because I keep screwing up the monthly goals and determined to have some successes and positives. Weekly goals seem much more achievable.

For this week from Friday to next Friday

3 sets of 100 push ups, squats, and leg raises (or better)
4 runs with 2 being 7 miles or better
No binge eating

if I meet these goals I'm buying a gift card to Regis salons. I want my hair done and I figure instead of aiming for a monthly goal of getting my hair done I'd put $25 on a gift card each week I'm successful. At least this way I will eventually get my hair done. I'm also buying myself my darn Supernatural t-shift for February because I want to wear it to the gym.