Saturday, January 14, 2017

Try try again

Dang I'm tired of that being my mantra. I can't seem to stay on track for as long as I want. I am really struggling with sleep. Working nights, honestly working period, is tough. That and daycare so I can run during the winter months.  Ugh. Enough whining.

I added healthy eating to my spreadsheet and a goal for 300 days out of the year eating healthy. Today is a new day. I'm going to get something done to knock off my goals for the year. Tracking miles has been a great tool for me to be successful so hoping that adding my diet to my spreadsheet will do the same. Sometimes it helps to see the big picture to see how many days you are doing right versus dwell on the wrong days. Not much else to write for today. Just writing something to keep this blog active (for myself, don't care if anyone else reads it... don't care if you do read it either. I don't put anything in writing and post it on the web unless I'm comfortable with my husband, my children, my grandmother, my coworkers, or anyone else that could stumble across it reading it.)

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